STAR action week 2021: #CloseTheBarracks online rally 12 march 5.30pm

5 March 2021

For STAR Action Week 2021, take action to #CloseTheBarracks and put an end to detaining people in barracks and prison-like conditions. Bring a placard and join together in solidarity with students, residents from the barracks, and organisations working to close the barracks. Sign up here.

In September 2020, the Home Office started using ex-military barracks in Kent and Pembrokeshire as accommodation for people seeking asylum. The prison-like conditions are having a devastating effect on the residents’ mental health, and there have been a number of suicide attempts. Private companies running the barracks are profiting from the uninhabitable asylum accommodation. Clearsprings Ready Homes, the company operating asylum accommodation in Wales and the south (including Napier Barracks), stands to earn up to £1 billion over the course of its 10-year contract with the government.

Take part in a national campaign action to put pressure on the Home Office. Sign up here.

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