'Run for Refugees' 21KM in 2021: Running One half marathon every month of 2021'

12 April 2021

Jake is a philosophy student at the University of Exeter and the previous President and Campaign Coordinator at Reading STAR. Read about why he and his brother Sam are running a half-marathon each month in 2021 to raise money for Student Action for Refugees. You can donate to his fundraiser, and track his progress on his Just Giving page.

At the start of 2021, I wanted to begin something that would combine an activity I enjoy – running – and a cause I feel really passionately about. At a time when the pandemic forced the UK to stay in their homes for safety, I thought about all those forced to leave their homes and flee their countries for safety.

This inspired me to embark on running one half-marathon (21.1 kilometers), once a month, throughout 2021. As Reading STAR’s previous President and Campaign Coordinator, I’ve seen the fantastic work that Student Action for Refugees does across the UK, working with students to provide a safe haven for people seeking asylum in the UK. The Families Together campaign really struck a chord with me especially, because it made me realise how refugees often lack such a basic human right, to be with your family, when fleeing from danger in their home countries.

I’m currently completing my philosophy degree at the University of Exeter. The pandemic has been tough for everyone, and I’m really looking forward to spending more time doing what I love over the summer. In the meantime, I am focusing on running and raising money for STAR.

To date, £550 has been raised from running three half-marathons. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable to put in the miles for a good cause, with my brother Sam and other friends along the way. During our runs, we have seen the seasons change from an incredibly cold January to a summery March.

It has been really difficult for STAR groups to fundraise as normal, with many university campuses partially or fully closed. With my running, I hope that I will inspire just one other person to fundraise in this new COVID-friendly way. I’m incredibly grateful for both the generosity of people’s donations so far and the support of Student Action for Refugees throughout this fundraiser.

I’m aiming to raise £2021, and with nine more runs to go, around 27% of the fundraising target has been achieved, so I really hope to reach the fundraising target by December 2021.

You can donate to the fundraiser, and track Jake’s progress on his Just Giving page.

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