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17 March 2022

There is just a week left to go before the Nationality and Borders bill returns to the House of Commons and MPs vote on if these appalling policies will become law.

This bill will see people fleeing war and persecution, like those fleeing Ukraine right now, criminalised, detained and deported. 

We need to say it loud and say it clear “Refugees are welcome here” 

MPs listen to you. Here’s how you can make a difference. 

1. Write to your MP (and get everyone you know to do it too)

Ask your MP to stand up for refugees now and in the future

Use our template email to send a message to your MP.

2. Tweet your MP 

Find your MP’s Twitter details here.

(If you know your MP is supportive, then ask them to share the video or graphics below)

Suggested tweets:

Hi @XXXX. 

I’m asking you to vote against the #AntiRefugeeBill. 

This bill is all about punishment, not protection. It’s just not right. Please do the right thing now and stand up for refugees.

The House of Lords rejected these plans – now you @XXX need to do the same.


Share this video with your MP by Quote Tweeting.

Feel free to use these graphics – tag your MP, local press and other local influential people. 

I stand with ALL refugees - Stop the #AntiRefugeeBill
We must welcome Ukrainians who need sanctuary. Stop the #AntiRefugeeBill

3. Attend a demo

Get out there and make your voice heard. Here’s a list of demonstrations you can join: 

  • Saturday 19 March is Anti-Racism day: there are Stand Up to Racism national demos in London & Glasgow which will have a strong focus on the Anti-Refugee Bill. 
  • Sunday 20 March:
    • Cardiff STAR and Stand Up to Racism have organised a march to the Senedd from City Hall. (The march begins at Cityall at 6pm, the rally will be at the Senedd from 2:30pm)
    • Cardiff Council Stands with Refugees, (Cardiff Castle, 6pm)
  • Monday 21 March is a national day of action.
    • Birmingham: Old Joe to light up orange in solidarity with those seeking sanctuary (University of Birmingham Clock Tower, 6pm) 
    • Coventry:  5 – 6pm
    • Liverpool: March Against the Immigration Bill (March begins at Prince’s Park Gate, 5:30pm)
    • Greater Manchester:  Manchester Landmark Action (St. Peter’s Square, 1pm)
    • Oxford
    • Here’s an online map showing events around the UK on the National Day of Action 21 March, keep checking as it’s being updated!

Is your event missing? Reach out and let us know.

No event in your area? Make something happen. Whether it’s organising a demo, a vigil, displaying artworks created by the community, or holding hands around a landmark or sharing messages of solidarity – it all counts. Get more hints and tips here. Remember to take pictures, share on social media and invite the local press & your MP. 

4. Sign a Petition

You can use petitions in your social media to remind MPs of popular support for your position.

  •  Sign this official petition calling on Parliament to remove Clause 11 of the Bill (Clause 11 allows for people granted protection in the UK to be given different rights and entitlements, depending on the nature of their arrival to the UK).
  • And this petition which has been signed by nearly 200,000 people. You can, of course, sign both! 
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