8 September 2022

The STAR team is busy gearing up for the start of the new year and STAR groups will soon be receiving a box full of great resources for freshers week. Inside that box are stickers, provided to us by the FastPrint team.

The STAR team wants to thank FastPrint for providing us with high-quality stickers. We’ve now got a range of stickers to spread the message of making the UK a more welcoming place for refugees and people seeking asylum, including brand new stickers to support our Equal Access campaign.

If you’re in a STAR group, you can use these stickers at your events or to decorate your freshers stall. Giving out stickers is an easy way of spreading our message and thanks to FastPrint we can do that at a much larger scale now. 

FastPrint is a sticker and a banner printing company specialising in high quality printing with low prices and a quick turnaround. Check out their website here.

If you’re a STAR committee member and have any questions about your freshers box, get in touch on StudentNetwork@star-network.org.uk

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