12 September 2023

If you’re heading to university this year, why not join the largest network of students building a society where refugees are welcomed!

Get the most out of your uni experience by joining a society where you can make a real difference in your local community and across the UK.

Last year, 2005 STAR students at 39 universities volunteered in their communities, campaigned for refugee rights, and learned about asylum and refugees with experts and peers!

Here’s what Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre had to say about the STAR students making a difference in their organisation:

“I can’t thank the STAR volunteers enough for the amazing work they have done with us this year. They have shown commitment, resilience, curiosity and involvement with and for our young people and the young people really enjoyed their presence. I am looking forward to collaborating again next academic year”

– Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre

Check out the Student Action for Refugees (STAR) student society at your university – or if there isn’t one, you can set one up!

Don’t just take our word for it – hear more about why you should join STAR from our STAR leaders themselves!

“I am so proud to be a member of STAR and am really excited to fight for more social injustices together with my fellow STAR members around the UK!”

– Shehany, Plymouth STAR and Equal Access Activist

“Volunteering with STAR for the conversation classes, the homework club and the bike scheme is incredibly eye-opening. It is a great way to help refugees and asylum seekers in our local community whilst educating myself on the obstacles they are up against. Therefore, it is both enriching and rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone that has the chance to get involved.”

– STAR volunteer at Leeds English conversation club

“Volunteering as part of a larger STAR network challenges the idea that your contribution is small. As STAR student leaders, we’re a small cog in a very big wheel making the UK a more welcoming place for refugees.”

– Peter, Cardiff STAR

“There are many ways to get involved, whether you prefer to interact personally, or to contribute behind the scenes. It’s a great way to better understand the depth of the refugee and asylum-seeking community, past media portrayals and over-simplistic blanket descriptions.”

 – Jiayi, KCL STAR

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