Show your heart for Human Rights Day

STAR groups across the UK are joining together to celebrate Human Rights Day. Today is all about appreciating the inalienable rights that everyone is entitled to as a human being, and ensuring that these rights are protected for all.

Green background with text: Right now, only 5% of refugees have access to higher education, compared to 37% of people worldwide.

World Access to Higher Education Day

Today is World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED), a global day of action to raise awareness about the inequalities people face when trying to access higher education.

Addis looks into the camera

Years of waiting in a broken asylum system

If Baroness Ludford’s Private Member’s Bill passes, the narrow rules for who qualifies for family reunion would be expanded, bringing together loved ones torn apart by war and violence when they need each other the most.

People sit round a table working and discussing

When universities welcome students seeking sanctuary

Equal access to higher education on the basis of merit is a human right. In the UK, people seeking sanctuary are often locked out of higher education, prevented from realising their aspirations and potential.

A person sits on a bed working at a laptop surrounded by various books and notebooks

Locked out of accessing university

Today, thousands of A-level and SQA students across the country will find out whether they have the results they need to go to university. For people who are seeking asylum, it’s not that simple.

Refugees from 7 decades mark the 70th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention which took place on 28 July 2021 Left to right standing: Linh Vu (arrived 1979) Bharat Gheewala (arrived 1964) Paul Lorber (arrived 1968) Baraa Halabieh (arrived 2016) Darius Nasimi (arrived 1999) Abu-Zayd Abdulrahman (arrived 2004) Karim Shirin (arrived 1994) Remzije Duli (arrived 1991) Mukund Nathwani (arrived 1972) Ibrahim Dogus (arrived 1991) Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi (arrived 1999) Tom Leimdorfer (arrived 1956) Aloysius Ssali (arrived 2005) Tesfai Berhane Sebhat (arrived 1981) Left to right sitting Gillian Slovo (arrived 1964) Dr Saad Maida (arrived 2010) George Szirtes (arrived 1956) Hong Dam (arrived 1980)

70 years on: the Refugee Convention

Last week we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Refugee Convention. It’s the only global legal mechanism for protecting refugee rights and has saved countless lives since its creation.

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