Five panellists pictured, Emily Crowley from STAR, Jon Featonby from the Red Cross, Sophie Morbey from Oxfam, Walter from the voices Network and Alexa Netty from SolidariTee

The New Plan for Immigration: the road ahead

In case you missed it, in March the government proposed a series of unfair changes to the UK’s asylum system entitled the New Plan for Immigration. Read more here.

'Run for Refugees' 21KM in 2021: Running One half marathon every month of 2021'

My marathon year: running for refugees

Jake is the previous President and Campaign Coordinator at Reading STAR. Read about why he and his brother Sam are running a half-marathon each month in 2021 to raise money for STAR.

'Digital Divide' on a navy background with an image of a person being blocked from wifi

It’s time to Ditch The Divide

There is a digital divide and, all too often, refugees and asylum seekers are stranded on the wrong side. We can take action together.

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