Donate to build a society where refugees are welcome

Your donation will be used strategically to equip our student groups and experts with the tools they need to build lasting change.

Two students hold a banner that says 'Refugees welcome'
STAR’s national network is building a society where refugees are welcomed.

We volunteer locally providing direct support to refugees, cultivating understanding and cultural connections

We campaign nationally for asylum policy change and equal access to higher education for refugees

We share knowledge about the issues refugees face with experts and peers

More ways to make a difference

Donate in celebration

Use Facebook to raise funds for STAR for your birthday, or just because! Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of the money raised goes to building a society where refugees are welcomed.

Fundraise for us

Trusts and foundations help us stay afloat, but it’s groups and supporters who help our movement grow. We’re always inspired by their creative fundraising achievements. You don’t have to climb Everest (though one STAR group has!). Your favourite hobby could be an untapped resource, and by using it to fundraise you can feel good, make an impact, and inspire others. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Donate by post

You can send a cheque payable to STAR (Student Action for Refugees) to STAR (Student Action for Refugees), Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA.

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