12 February 2020

On January 29th, STAR student groups across the UK participated in the Families Together Action Day 2020 by raising awareness for the Families Together campaign. Keep reading to find out what different groups got up to this Action Day!


Kent STAR, along with many other STAR groups, collected signatures on Action Cards to urge MPs to support the expansion of laws regarding refugee family reunification and legal aid. Kent STAR got 119 Action Cards signed!

Cardiff STAR

Cardiff STAR was one of many STAR groups that collected signatures not only on Action Cards, but also for a petition supporting the Families Together message and the expansion of laws regarding refugee family reunification. Thanks to the hard work of Cardiff STAR and all the student groups, the petition garnered 75,000 signatures!


Along with collecting signatures, LSE STAR held a bake sale with these delicious looking treats. They raised £120 for STAR National!

Essex STAR

At their Action Day stall, Essex STAR asked people what “family” means to them. Many students wrote that “family” means love and support, showing how important it is for refugee families to be together.

Sussex STAR

Sussex STAR partnered with NME to host a fun charity concert with Opus Kink and Black Honey. The sold-out event raised £2100 for STAR!

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