Nottingham STAR's Korfball taster session

10 August 2022

You’ve heard of shooting STARs, but have you heard of shooting korfs? STAR’s volunteering projects often offer a chance to build new connections while trying out new activities. Here Beth, Nottingham STAR’s English Class Coordinator, shares what happened when the STAR group organised a Korfball taster session for local young people from refugee backgrounds.

The continuation of conversation classes and women’s only classes throughout the past two years has been a real success at University of Nottingham STAR. With the return of in-person events, the past academic year has also seen collaborations with NEST, a sanctuary seeking college in Nottingham. Last semester, this was in the form of a campus trail, showing a range of teaching, entertainment and learning facilities. There were many questions about the sports facilities on campus which prompted a sports collaboration taster session at the start of April. 

Korfball is a mixed gender sport, similar to netball and basketball, which a few of STAR’s members play. This seemed like the perfect sport to hold as a taster and let the students try out their skills. Over 20 students arrived at the David Ross Sports Village, keen to know how the large yellow hoops (korfs), 10ft in the air, fit into this sport. To give some context to the not so well-known game, the Korfball team started off by demonstrating a 10-minute match. 

Young refugees play Korfball with Nottingham STAR

Eager to get involved with the action, the students started off by playing some passing drills and the competition soon started to show! A huge part of Korfball is moving quickly to make space and take those shots into the korf. Enthusiasm was high and the groups soon started to pick the movements up, with some fantastic skill being displayed. 

Keen to try some shooting practice, we moved on to the variety of shots in Korfball. The students took to the technique and soon shots were dropping, cheers were heard, and some amazing celebrations seen. It was amazing how quickly the students picked up the technique – really giving the society a run for their money! 

The practice was put into a game, and we were really overwhelmed with how much the students learned and enjoyed the session. This will definitely be something we try to do again next year!

Beth Taylor was English Class Coordinator for Nottingham STAR 2021/22. 

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