COVID-19 has shown the real digital divide

The COVID-19 lockdown measures have revealed the huge digital divide between those who can afford to buy new gadgets and those who hardly manage to meet the ends by budgeting frugally.

We need safe routes

The recent Channel Crossings have dominated the recent news cycle. At STAR we urge you to write to your MP to create safe routes and stop putting people seeking asylum at risk.

100 groups demand safe and legal routes now

STAR, along with almost 100 organisations have written a joint letter to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel to demand safe and legal routes now. Read it here.

My time with STAR

Hannah Carbery, the former Vice-President of Nottingham STAR shares her honest experience of volunteering and leading a STAR and how it shaped her university life.

Happy Results Day

This Scottish Results Day, we wanted to congratulate everyone on their Highers results and welcome you to university life! Meet Ellie Carter, the President of STAR Edinburgh.

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